Man Child of the Kitchen 2017 –

A docu(mocku)mentary about Charles Charleson, a man trying become the next great television chef personality. Except, he’s not very good at it.

Official Selection 2016 – KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival – Corona California  – Official Award  Nominee – Best Mockumentary

Official Selections 2016 – New York Comedy Shorts Film Festival – NY NY

Official Selection 2017 – Mountain of Laughs Film Festival – Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Official Selection 2017 – Chagrin Documentary Film Festival – Chagrin Fall, Ohio

Lucky #7 2014

A good plan, back fires. ironic, don’t you think?

The Pump Off 2013

A wildly wonderful music video saga starring the artist/international playboy/unlicensed doctor MAXWELL STANLEY.

 The Bathroom Attendant 2011

A docu(mocku)mentary about a passionate, misunderstood man,

Official Selection – Dam Short Film Festival 2011, Boulder City, NV

Official Selection * – We Like ‘Em Short Film Festival 2011, Baker City, OR

Official Selection – The Sham Film Festival 2014, St. Louis, MI

*Best Actor Nomination – Austen Cooke – “The Bathroom Attendant”

 Legends of the Hidden Coats 2010

Takes you into the lives of modern single adults in their mid-twenties living in New York City.

Screened in – Downtown Short Film Festival Audience Screening Series 2011,  short comedy bloc

Official Selection – Rumschpringe Short Film Festival 2011, Lancaster, PA

Piss Pants 2009

Our first film  with over 64K online views! Be 64, 001! Watch it now.

Official Selection – Short Rips Film Festival – US Weed Channel 2013 – streaming on Roku

Official Selection – Cannabus Culture Short Film Festival – 2015 – New York