8/9/16 Happy to release the trailer for our newest documentary “Man Child of the Kitchen”. It’s going to change your life for the better or worse. Enjoy and cheers!

7/31/16 our newest film “Man Child of the Kitchen” is in the final completion Proud to announce the film features music by, none other than the man in black, Johnny Cash. And here is the new poster! The trailer to come soon!


10/01/15 excited to announce “Piss Pants” is an official selection to screen at the 2015 Cannabus Culture Film Festival!

Check out their site here :


10/24/14 “The Bathroom Attendant” showing today in the Sham Film Festival in St. Louis, Missouri!

Our film starring Austen Cooke and Jeff Scot Carey is showing today in St. Louis. If you’re in the area, check out their website for ticket information and show times!


5/21/2014 “Piss Pants” has been accepted to the Short Rips Film Festival playing on the US Weed Channel!

The US weed channel is a public channel available to stream on your Roku device. Starting in June 2nd, 2014 until Decemeber 2014 you can see us on the channel and vote for us to win!

For more information go to:

01/14/2014 “LUCKY #7” IS HERE –

Starring: Anne Marie Behr, Austen Cooke, Austin Farwell and Rocco George



12/14/2013 COMING SOON  “LUCKY #7”

The new film from Tall Boys Films starring:  Anne Marie Behr, Austen Cooke, Austin Farwell,  and Rocco Geroge

artwork by wallace creatives

12/4/2013  Tall Boys invades Reddit!

The set build gif from our short “The Bathroom Attendant” seen below is #1 on subreddit r/filmmakers

Great  resource for filmmakers of all levels.


12/1/2013 Enjoy “The Pump Off” by Maxwell Stanley while you’re here. It’s only a minute and a half.